ebola vaccineA newly published study shows that a aerosol-based vaccine developed for combating the highly infectious Ebola virus was successful when administered to monkeys. The study cites that the vaccine activated immune cells in the respiratory system of the monkeys, which successfully battled the virus and prevented infection.

Researchers believe the respiratory tract is the mode of infection for the Ebola virus, and think that by modulating the immune system in that exact location is what brought their initial success.

While the vaccine still has a long way to go, this development brings more success than we’ve seen in past efforts. Since the vaccine can be administered without the help of medical professionals, its approval would be especially significant in third-world countries. But, on the heels of another vaccine that yielded a positive result in monkeys but failed in humans, experts are preparing for the worst.

Though, many do agree that this development is a positive step forward. When asked about these findings, Dr. Igor Lukashevich, a medical virologist from the University of Louisville, who was not involved with the study, said “The discussion in the field right now is if this Ebola outbreak will be some kind of game changer for vaccine development, or will it only be one more scare that will be forgotten. This aerosolized form of the vaccine is really what the field needs right now.”

The researchers at Fenvir agree with this sentiment, and are very excited to see what results might come from further investigation into this vaccine. Joan Arnold, a company representative, said “This vaccine might just be what everyone has been waiting for, and many members of our company are very hopeful. If this continues to present positive results, the face of vaccine administration may change all together, and will continue to make medical treatments available to countries who previously couldn’t afford them.”