Cold Sore Causes & Symptoms

Cold sores are caused by the Herpes Simplex Virus type 1 (HSV1).  They can also be caused by a similar strain of herpes virus, HSV2 which causes genital herpes.  The good news is that cold sores are very common and more than 1/3 of the population have oral herpes – in other words, you’re not alone! Even better news is that even if a person is infected with HSV1, they may never experience one single outbreak! This is because the body’s immune system is responsible for suppressing cold sores, and the body’s defenses can be bolstered to prevent herpes lesions from appearing.

Herpes sores are most often located around lips, nose, and mouth. The blisters often occur when your immune system is weak such as when you are suffering from a fever or flu – hence the name “fever blister” and “cold sore.” The lesion will burst, scab over, and heal usually within 2-4 weeks. The affects of herpes are not severe and the symptoms are usually nothing more than itchy or aching blisters that are otherwise comparable to a bad pimple.  For a few unlucky people, the symptoms can be very painful.  In these rare cases it is important to begin fighting the virus in the early stages to develop antibodies.  Taking an herbal daily vitamin supplement will improve your white blood cell’s ability to ensure that outbreaks have a smaller chance of recurring overtime.

Preventing Outbreaks

Stress and unhealthy eating are the two most typical triggers of herpes activation. College students who stay up late studying for finals, drink a lot of alcohol, and who do not take time to relax experience more outbreaks yearly.  Unhealthy diets have furthermore been proven to be oral and genital herpes triggers. Arginine can trigger outbreaks; since this is a compound that the body naturally produces, foods rich in arginine (for instance gelatin, chocolate, and nuts) empower herpes. Eating healthy can be difficult for some people, but neglecting your fruits and vegetables can actually increase your chance of showing symptoms of herpes labialis or the genital herpes virus.

You should also provide your immune system with additional support so your body can work to quickly regenerate healthy cells and tissues. A unique supplement like Fenvir, with four scientifically supported bio-complexes, can help to support everything from immunity to healthy cardiovascular function.

No cure for herpes exists, but holistic herpes treatment and healthy eating habits and lifestyle is known to be proficient at improving immune strength and drastically reducing reactivation rates. By implementing a   balanced healthy diet, proper immune support, and anxiety-reducing techniques, you might be able to finally achieve clear skin and lips.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Herpes Simplex Treatments

(1)    Prescription Medication:

While prescription medications seem like the easiest and fastest herpes treatment, it’s not!  Prescription medications come with an extensive list of side-effects both serious and mild. Also, due to corporate greed, pharmaceutical companies are more interested in keeping their same old medicinal formulas instead of improving them or putting money towards developing a cure. They are more interested in keeping you dependent on their incredibly over-priced and largely ineffective products rather than actually helping you improve your physical health and self-esteem.

(2)    Creams, Home Treatments, & Supplements:

There are many ointments and creams for relief from herpes blisters that help to reduce the time it takes for lesions to heal.  These products are considered by most to be messy, ineffectual, and inconvenient.  Home remedies and medicinal herbs can be the best cold sore treatment in helping to prevent outbreaks.  Lemon Balm is also highly effective for both prevention and pain relief.

(3)    Healthy Diet & Stress Reducing:

Practicing healthy eating habits and an active lifestyle can help reduce the chance of oral and genital herpes symptoms from showing up, and reducing stress can further reduce your chance of unsightly lesions. Lysine enriched foods in your diet help to balance the body’s production which helps prevent the herpes virus from becoming active.  Foods with lysine are fruits and vegetables, specifically: avocados, apricots, apples, beets, figs, papaya, and pears.  Eggs, dairy, and meat contain lysine also. Choosing to eat healthier meals can help control oral and genital herpes through repression of the virus.

One last thing…STAY POSITIVE!!!  Remember, to let go of all the emotional baggage tied around having cold sores! There may be no herpes cure, but that does not mean you have to live with the effects of herpes.  Most people get them before the age of seven, so don’t ever feel like you are alone with your ailment. Stick to an effective regimen and don’t let herpes keep you down!

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